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on__impulse Challenge #22

Title: First Day of My Life
Author: moose74
Summary: Justin can't seem to concentrate today ~ 101
Author's Notes: All crimes against the English Language are solely my fault. Characters don't belong to me; I'm just having fun with them. Title shameless stolen from a song by Bright Eyes. :)

The feel of his hot breath on my face. Strong hands firmly holding the tops of my thighs. The stretch and burn that made my eyes water and jaw drop. The unfamiliar, but amazing, feeling of him reaching just the right spot and…

“Mr. Taylor!” Mr. Johnson’s voice cut sharply into my daydream. “Would you care to explain the significance of the Magna Carta, please?”

“Uhh...umm,” is all I can stammer while I gulp loudly and feel the blush work its way up my neck.

“Pay attention young man or you’ll be spending your afternoon in detention.”

“Yes, sir,” I gulp and avoid making contact with the 20 set of eyes that are now on me. I take a deep breath and shake my head a little. How can I possibly be expected to concentrate on history today? There is no history beyond last night, or was it technically this morning. I still can’t believe it really happened. I feel like everyone can tell, like I’m wearing a big sign that says, ‘Justin Taylor is NOT a virgin’.

I am merely going through the motions today. Everything I see immediately reminds me of the experience. The red glow of the exit sign in the hallway brings me back to sitting in his Jeep in traffic, watching tail lights wiz by, and the anticipation and nerves that was gnawing at my gut. The substitute in the science lab is attempting to demonstrate an electric circuit, but all I can think about is the spark I felt when our lips met for the first time.

The sex was amazing. Everything I expected and more, but I really think we had a certain, I don't know, connection. Oh God! I’m being such a girl. I have to find Daphne at lunch and tell her everything. I don’t think I’ll make it through the rest of the day unless I tell someone. I want to believe that talking about it will get it out of my system, then again I don’t think I’d mind feeling this way forever.
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